RFP 15-16-0104 – Fire Chief Services

The City of Elephant Butte (City) is requesting competitive sealed proposals for Fire Chief Services.  Sealed proposals will be received by the City of Elephant Butte, 103 Water Street , Elephant Butte, NM  87935.

Proposals will be accepted C/O Karen Rieth, CPO until 2:00pm local time, Thursday, June 2, 2016.  Submitted proposals shall not be publicly opened.  Any proposals received after the stated closing time will be rejected and returned unopened.

Copies of the Request can be obtained in person at the office of the City Clerk at 103 Water Street, or will be e-mailed upon written or telephone request to Karen Rieth, CPO at 575-744-4892 or cityclerk@cityofelephantbutte.com.

The City of Elephant Butte reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and waive all informalities as deemed in the best interest of the City.

/S/Karen Rieth, CPO



Herald – May 18, 2016

Sentinel –  May 20, 2016

[Note: This Notice is issued pursuant to the requirements of §13-1-104 NMSA 1978 and must be published not less than 10 calendar days prior to the date set for the receipt of proposals (§13-1-113) and published in a newspaper of general circulation in the area.